Balistik Kulübe

Ballistic Booths

Ballistic Booths, It is another of our ballistic solutions within Asimgard Defense Systems.

Providing security is a necessary necessity in positions under risk in civil life or in the military field. Military spaces or buildings, areas requiring high security, etc. The presence of a guardhouse or ballistic security cabin at the entrance and exit of the places has always helped to ensure security. Asimgard Defense Systems will assist you in the production of nizamiye and huts, which help to better defend these high security areas, in accordance with your projects.

Our ballistic security huts and yachts are designed and produced by our expert designers in the most appropriate size and form for your projects. It is possible to integrate all kinds of door, window and grating systems in our world and our ballistic steels used are European EN 1522/1523 and our bulletproof glasses are EN 1063 certified. Our glasses, windows and doors used in the production of our ballistic products can be subjected to European Certified ballistic tests if desired.

All our ballistic products used in our ballistic huts can be at the desired security level. In addition, another feature can be given acoustic insulation and fire resistance. In addition, a fence system can be added to our windows, which prevents the destructiveness of the rocket projectile. Our doors are fully customizable, from the doorknob to the electronic door hole with LCD screen. Our doors used in our huts also biometric or card access systems We also offer it to your service. Another feature is that we can add ballistic steel safety boxes into your huts, if desired, in accordance with the desired standard level.

In another service that you can use in our ballistic products that help to ensure high security, such as Nizamiye, we offer you our barrier access and control systems. Asimgard Defense Systems exist to help ensure the maximum level of security.