About us - Asimgard Defense Systems

As Asimgard Defense Systems, we define the future of bulletproof solutions and security technologies. We protect and keep people and national security safe with our advanced defense technologies.

With the developing technology and increasing needs, humanity has started to turn glass into a protection method rather than just sunlight and the desire to see outside. If normal buildings encounter any kind of danger, the weakest link are windows and doors. Considering all these, choosing ballistic glass and doors according to the degree of danger in areas requiring high security is one of the vital points.

We have an ever-expanding product range. With our modular designs, we ALWAYS stand out ONE STEP. In addition, we design new products according to any project or request and produce these products in the most suitable way for you. In short, we are pushing the limits. As we said before "A New Understanding in Defense Systems."

About Us - As Asimgard Defense Systems;

  • We act with integrity and do the right thing.
  • We share insights, learn together and act as a team.
  • We always respect our commitments.
  • We experiment, design, build and transform with speed and agility.

Success isn't just about what you've accomplished in your life. It's about what you inspire others to do.

- Asimgard

Asimgard Bullet Proof Systems


Asimgard Savunma Sistemleri is a defense systems company that brings our past experiences to the innovations and defense technologies of the modern age. We have a wide range of products from bulletproof products to cyber security and information technologies. We bring a new understanding to defense technologies with a product scale that is unique in the world, constantly developing and expanding. With this understanding, Asimgard will continue on this path for your safety.

Innovative Systems

We Bring a New Understanding to Defense Systems. We blend this harmony into defense technologies with the new trends brought by the modern age and we never fall behind from any innovations.


We are constantly developing new ideas, doing R&D studies and trying to implement them.


We stand behind all the products we produce and we are proud of our products.

Customer comments

We take into account all the positive or negative comments of our customers.


Our vision is to inspire and shape defense systems and technologies. To be a leader in this context.


Our mission is to provide personal and national security and make you feel safe. Our priority is you.

`` A New Understanding in Defense Technologies``