What are CCTV Systems?

CCTV is formed by the combination of the initials of the English words "Close Circuit TeleVision". It means a camera system defined as "Closed Circuit Television System".

CCTV systems consist of 4 important parts;

  • Camera
  • Lens
  • Monitor
  • Recorder

The most important of these parts is the camera. It is the device that transmits all images.

CCTV is one of the systems used all over the world and has a very important position in security technologies. The reason why you can see many cameras around you in any place you are is the reason why. It will be the right step to take advantage of this opportunity of modern technology to be able to monitor in very large areas. In addition, these equipment can provide users with very advanced hardware such as face detection and license plate detection.

CCTV sistemleri


AXISBosch and Sony established with the leadership of its brands ONVİF Organization is a worldwide standard in IP CCTV. Most brands have their own protocols. So every camera is different from each other and may not work on the same system.ONVİF Each brand with a standard has been produced to work with each other.

Purpose of using CCTV;

  • Protecting medium to high security areas for environmental security,
  • Observing the behavior of prisoners and potentially dangerous people incarcerated in medical facilities.
  • Traffic monitoring,
  • Safety and precautionary monitoring in dangerous industrial areas,
  • Building security,
  • Keeping a record of activities and danger situations in areas with high intensity movement,

It is used for such purposes.

We perform the installation of analog and IP systems as authorized by various brands.

What are the common problems?

Many errors, such as these errors, can invite many problems, such as losing or incomplete storage of your records.

We use many brands of Camera, Switch, Cable in our company. You can get the support you need by contacting us.

  • Incorrect termination of copper or fiber cables,
  • Physical malfunctions and image problems caused by improper camera installations,
  • Insufficiencies in camera energy supplies (analog),
  • Switch malfunctions,
  • Network infrastructure problems,
  • Incorrect camera interface settings,
  • Software or hardware errors caused by the computer, if monitored from the computer,
  • NVR or DVR malfunction and configuration errors