“The torch held by the Turkish nation on the path of progress and civilization on which it is walking is positive science. As a spiritual legacy, I do not leave any strict, dogma, or frozen or stereotyped rules. My spiritual heritage is science and reason." M. Kemal ATATÜRK

With years of experience and the feedback we receive from you, we continue to put stone on stone. We work with all our strength to make you feel safe with our ballistic products that we produce in world standards together with our R&D studies. We have internationally valid certificates for our real ballistic steels and bulletproof laminated glasses we use.

Our priority is to be transparent to you in our products and services we develop. Below you can find detailed information about our ballistic steels, bulletproof glasses and the standards we are subjected to.


Ballistic Steel

EN 1063 1522

Ballistic Standards

Kurşun geçirmez cam fiyatları

BulletProof Glass

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