What are Biometric and Card Access Systems and How Do They Work?

Thanks to constantly renewed technologies, we now have the ability to learn every information that happens during the day. The importance of Biometric-Card Pass systems is increasing day by day. Therefore, we encounter many passage equipment for both security and registration purposes in most places we are in. Only certain features belonging to the person or cards given to the user. Thanks to it, the tracking of the person can be provided easily. By providing the recognition of the user with many different methods, it can be allowed to enter and exit places within his / her authority.

Biometric and Card Access Systems Fingerprint Systems

Fingerprint readers, which are used for the secure passage of people who pass through the fingerprint reader systems, process the fingerprint information of the person in a short time and decide whether the person will be allowed to pass. As the benefits of the fingerprint reader are known, the number of companies that prefer the fingerprint pass system is increasing day by day.

  • Multispectral imaging is more effective than optical solutions,
  • Integration with time and attendance software,
  • Time theft and absenteeism prevention,
  • Ease of Use,
  • Restrict or allow access to certain fields,
  • Stylish appearance and usefulness,
  • Increasing security,
  • Counting people,

BK Card Entry Systems

Card access systems have a simpler structure than biometric systems, but the basic used is similar. All the information on the card can be recognized by a system whose infrastructure has been prepared before, thanks to the information in the cards. This system is the simplest and most widely used access systems today.

Biyometrik Sistemler

The sensor has two main components. This includes the light source and a display system. The light illuminates the tissue. The data is directed to the system by the device (if Standalone is not working)

Different wavelengths of light are used to improve the data capture quality. For example; The surface and the bottom surface of the fingerprint are stored by the system. This information is processed according to the authorization given by the system or device when the person reads his finger. The imaging system creates a digital imaging sequence. The fingerprint is then stored as a computer algorithm. You cannot take fingerprints from the system. Thanks to this process, security increases.

You can add input methods to further increase security.