Ballistic Doors

Ballistic Doors;

Buildings and / or certain rooms in buildings must be resistant to ballistic bullets. Doors are an important link in the security of these buildings and rooms.

Asimgard Defense Systems has developed ballistic doors that provide protection against the use of firearms. These doors have been tested and approved according to European EN 1522 and EN 1523 standards. These standards have various classifications regarding their resistance to kinetic energy leads. Each class has its own requirements and basic assumptions regarding the type of firearm, the type of bullet and the distance it is fired. If no eaves are seen on the door after test firings, the safety category level with NS code is included in the classification for the door. Our doors can provide lead resistance with classification from FB1 to FB7.

Asimgard Defense Systems produces bulletproof sliding doors, sliding doors and hinged doors in accordance with European standards, as well as providing the opportunity to have your door tested according to your projects and desired standards.

Our Ballistic Doors are produced from aluminum or metal according to your projects. These products are then reinforced with ballistic armor steel, which we call Ramor 500, Armox 500 or Protection 500, and become bulletproof. If you wish, half glass, full glass or bulletproof glass can be added to our ballistic doors. These glasses are bulletproof glasses with EN 1063 certificate, just like our doors. Our doors and windows can be produced as bullet proof at the desired security level.

Another of our bulletproof door solutions is that it is possible to combine them with different features. For example, acoustic insulation can be attached to the bullet-proof door, fire-resistant features can be added, grating can be added, if it is a glass door, a fence system can be added to the front of the bulletproof glass, which provides protection against rockets, the lock system, the door handle system can be completely customized, and the door hole is standard and LCD can be added to be screened. Our doors also biometric or card access systems We also offer it to your service.