Asimgard Defense Systems

With the experience we have gained and the new understanding we bring in bulletproof solutions, we bring you our ever-expanding product range.

Asimgard Defense Systems

  • Quality and high precision production.
  • State-of-the-art modular bulletproof systems.
  • information systems
  • Customer-based design.

High Quality Standards

Production in accordance with NIJ, VPAM, NATO STANAG and ISO EN 1522/1523 and ISO EN 1063 International Standards.

Educated & Experienced Team

Designs carefully prepared according to your projects with our trained staff.

Modern Business Solutions

R & D studies, ballistic tests and simulations in accordance with International Standards.

Review & Accreditation

Conformity and quality certificates.

To live means to work.

- M.Kemal Ataturk -


Asimgard Savunma Sistemleri CCTV

CCTV Systems

CCTV and License Plate Recognition Systems

Our services provide our customers with a wide spectrum covering the fields of Information and Technology. In line with our careful approach, we produce solutions that make a difference to the complex problems of our customers by combining our experience and technical know-how with our sectoral experience.

Biyometrik Sistemler

Biometric Access Systems

Face Recognition, Card Pass, Fingerprint, Guard Tour Systems

The importance of Biometric-Card Pass systems is increasing day by day. Therefore, we encounter many transition equipment for both security and recording purposes in most places we are in. The tracking of the person can be provided easily thanks to the specific features that belong only to the person or the cards given to the user. can be allowed in and out of places.

Asimgard Savunma Sistemleri Kontrollü Geçiş Sistemler

Barrier Systems

Turnstile, Vehicle and Pedestrian Barrier, Road-Block Systems

It is an electromagnetic system used to control the passage of people outdoors or indoors. Passages in Turnstile System work together with Biometric or card access control systems. With the use of Personnel Card types such as Mifare, HID, Uhf and Smart cards that work with proximity, people can be given access rights. Thanks to their stainless steel and durability, they are used as access control devices in many areas.

Asimgard Defense Systems