Sürgülü Balistik Pencere

Ballistic Windows

Ballistic Windows; They are produced from aluminum or metal according to your projects, just like our doors. These products are then reinforced with ballistic steels that we call Ramor 500, Armox 500 or Protection 500 and become bulletproof. Our BulletProof Windows can be designed as single wing, double wing opening and closing or as single wing, double wing sliding, to be protective at every ballistic level.

Asimgard Defense Systems has developed windows that protect against the use of firearms. The joinery of our windows has been tested and approved according to European EN 1522 and EN 1523 standards. These standards have different classifications regarding their resistance to kinetic energy leads. Each class has its own requirements. These requirements differ fundamentally regarding the type of firearm, the type of bullet and the distance it is fired from. If no fringe is visible in the window after test firings, the safety category level with NS code is also included in the classification for the window.

Our bulletproof glasses used in our windows can be produced at the desired level, just like the armor steel used in the joinery of our windows. Our bullet proof glasses have been tested and approved at the European EN 1063 level.

Asimgard Defense Systems incorporates a single sash / double sash application for bullet proof windows, sliding windows and all types of windows in accordance with European standards. It also offers the opportunity to have your windows tested according to your projects and according to the desired standards.

Another feature of our bulletproof window systems is that they are different modular. For example, acoustic insulation can be attached to our ballistic windows, fire resistant features can be added, a fence system can be added to the front of bulletproof glass, which provides protection against rockets, lock system, sliding, collapsible, single wing / double wing system can be completely customized.