AGD C-01 Aluminum Coated Bulletproof Single Wing Door

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Asimgard Bullet Proof (Ballistic) Doors are ballistically designed to help provide protection for areas that may be at risk.
Standard Features
• Certified as ballistic for threat level 1-7 according to the European Standard for steel DIN EN 1522/1523 (FB 1-7).
• Certified ballistically for the threat level 1-7 according to the European Standard for glass DIN EN 1063 (BR 1-7).
• Aluminum coating (in desired color)
• Hinge system.
• Push / Pull system. (Fully customizable door handle).
• Lock system (Fully customizable door lock systems).
• Door and frame are sent ready for assembly.
• Stock or custom sizes are available.
• It can be used with other ballistic systems.
Optional Features
• Access controlled security systems (face ID or fingerprint, encrypted or card system).
• Hydraulic door closer.

1st floor - Steel certified as 1 ballistic according to European Standard ISO EN 1522/1523 (FB 1-7).
Floor 2 - Aluminum Coating
Floor 3 - Metal

Floor 4 - Ballistically certified glass according to the European Standard ISO EN 1063 (BR 1-7).
5th floor - Metal